Sunday, January 8, 2006


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Today on our tour of the IGMR (aka Journey through the GIRM), we expand on the Alleluia and also cover the Offertory. We also list the music we sang for the Epiphany, as well as touch a little on its original date, and the end of Christmas Season.

Music: Laetentur Caeli, (written by yours truly and Giovanni Gastoldi) (Guest accompanist: Reuel Gifford)
(I had all intentions of getting some music from the 10:30 choir Mass on this podcast, but one problem - I forgot the dang recorder! So, I worked in one more piece from the Christmas Concert:)
The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly: Organs in a Liturgical Setting Edition, brought to you by the Silent Night Seasonal Semi-Singers. (pictured at left)

Commercial: iPadre Catholic Podcast

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Holy Ghost Church (Tiverton, RI), SS. Cecilia and Philomena (Brookville, IN),
St. John Cantius Church (Chicago, IL), Holy Name Church (Providence, RI),
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