Sunday, March 19, 2006


Listen below, or download here. (31:35/14.4 MB)

Shamus O'Reilly (police sketch at left) is hung over from last Friday's festivities. So, my sidekick in a pinch is another technological character, Fr. Jud McFry. I found his voice to be a cross between Chef (from South Park), Snagglepuss, and Don Pardo, and maybe even a touch of David Brinkley, all in one crazy package. Oh, and I think you'll just enjoy rocking out to our new intro. We also continue our White List, using Breaking Bread from OCP

Music List: Third Sunday of Lent
Commercials: iPadre, Catholic: Under the Hood

1.Be Thou My Vision (tune: Slane), performed by Fugli, courtesy of Podsafe
2. Organ variations on Saint Patrick's Breastplate played by yours truly on the organ at Holy Ghost Church

The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly: Twin Cities Music Edition, brought to you by FIAT, the official automobile of the Blessed Virgin Mary

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PhiMuAlpha2681 said...

Your best one yet! I can tell you're getting more into it, with your effects and such. Love the intro, and the "News from the Blogosphere"

I think Fr. McFry sounds like the voice of the alien/robot inside the spaceship from "Flight of the Navigator". LOL.

And did you notice that the Yankees got killed by the Tigers 15-2 over the weekend?????


Brian Michael Page said...

Oh, I know. That was sweet. 10 runs in 4 innings for the Moose!
My prediction this year for the AL East:
Boston, Baltimore, Yankees, Tampa, Toronto.