Monday, March 5, 2007


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Today we'll be talking about the book By Flowing Waters, an English-language version of the Graduale Simplex, compiled by Dr. Paul Ford and published by The Liturgical Press.
We also explain The Bitmap, and add more miscellaneous outbursts.
Feasts for the week:  March 7-9.  For more information: New Advent Website.
Christus Vincit Semi-Live on I-195 is back to normal at 70 MPH. We discuss the music we did for the Second Sunday of Lent, but Shamus is not only laid up, but ran into some trouble with the law!
1. Parce Domine (Chant, Mode I); 2. 'Tis Good, Lord, to Be Here (tune: Swabia)
3. The Glory of these Forty Days (tune: Erhalt Uns, Herr);
4. Beautiful Savior (tune: St. Elizabeth)
5. Temptation, sung by Bree Noble, brought to you by Podsafe.

Commercials: Deus Caritas Est Podcast, iPadre Network, Disciples with Microphones
Shamus' Adventures in Classical Latin: Attende, Domine, brought to you by the Los Angeles Religious Education Conference.
Additional Link: Holy Ghost Church

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