Tuesday, August 14, 2007


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Now that we've gone through all the Mass from the opening Asperges/Vidi Aquam to the final Deo Gratias of the Last Gospel, today we cover one last item - the Lectionary and Calendar of the 1962 Roman Missal.

Feasts for the week (now includes the Tridentine calendar):  August 12-18.  For more information, see the New Advent Website.
Christus Vincit Semi-live in the local pub: Who do you think would take this show semi-live into a pub? After a few strong ales, Shamus manages to discuss and play the music of the Ninteenth Sunday of Ordinary Time. Better get him a designated driver, though.

1. Faith of Our Fathers (tune: St. Catherine)
2. To Jesus Christ, Our Sov'reign King (tune: Ich Glaub an Gott/refrain only)
3. Overcomer, by Jessica Smith Wright, courtesy of Podsafe

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