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More about Psalm Tones. Today we hear Psalm Tone 6 (with its THREE mediants and ONE termination), and Psalm Tone 7 (with its ONE mediant and FIVE terminations).
Feasts for the week:  October 1-7.  For more information, see the New Advent Website.
In What We Have Done, and In What We Are Going to Do: Reviewing the music of the Twenty-Sixth Sunday of Ordinary Time, then a rundown of the music list for the Twenty-Seventh Sunday of Ordinary Time. Here we play a "double shot" of Fr. Fred Faber.

1. There's a Wideness in God's Mercy (tune: In Babilone)
2. Faith of Our Fathers (tune: St. Catherine)
3-9. Memento Verbi Tui (Two forms of Psalm Tone 6f, 7a, 7b, 7c, 7c2, 7d)
10. This is How We Know (a third form of Psalm Tone 6f)
11. St. Michael, by Paul Lisney, courtesy of Podsafe.

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Christus Vincit Sports: Major League Baseball 2007 Playoff Edition, courtesy of the Miller Beer Boycott.

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