Friday, December 7, 2007


Watch below, or download here. (11:03/25.1 MB)

On this videocast, I'm issuing the same challenge that I issued earlier in the week on Christus Vincit ANYWHERE! episode #105. I forgot to mention in the videocast, however, that the deadline for submission is December 16, 2007 - Gaudete Sunday (as well as Beethoven's birthday... I've been an avid Peanuts fan since I was a wee one, and I still remember that Schroeder once had a big birthday party for Beethoven).

You'll love our doggie treat. I didn't write this one; got it from a local colleague. I did attempt to do my best Burt Bacharach ripoff with it.

Finally, CVTV and CVA are now sharing this website! So now CVTV viewers can enjoy the same perks as CVA listeners!

CVA Interactive Corner (From there you can access YouTube and PyroTV to watch this video as well)

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