Monday, February 4, 2008


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Today we further continue our white list of selected material from GIA's Gather Comprehensive - Second Edition, going through some of the topical sections of the hymnal.  You will also meet a new character: Joey the GIRM!
Intro: March calendar changes for 2008, and the Christus Vincit Challenge.
Feasts for the Week:  February 4-9.  More info: New Advent Website.

Christus Vincit Semi-Live in the Living Room: While relaxing after Super Bowl Sunday, we discuss our music for the Fourth Sunday of Ordinary Time, as well as reveal a GIRM citation about the Responsorial Psalm.

1. Faith of Our Fathers, Living Still (tune: St. Catherine)
2. Hail Mary, by Johnny Proctor, courtesy of Podsafe

Top Ten Least Popular Liturgical Dance Moves, courtesy of the Computer Tower Keg.
Additional Link: 150th Anniversary of the Apparitions at Lourdes (flyer from the Archdiocese of Newark)

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