Thursday, June 26, 2008


Watch below, or download here. (7:21/5.8 MB)

We've been wanting to do a videocast for quite some time. After all, we haven't done one since February. However, my wife's digital camera went south (the lens stopped opening). So, Shamus O'Reilly offered to give us a hand - and what a hand!

Shamus discusses his new (used) weather machine (you'd have to go back to some very old CVA episodes to hear about his old snow machine), and has his own little version of Don't Do This at Church.
CVTV Top Ten List: Top Ten Least Popular Opening Lines at Mass, brought to you by Gibbet.
The rest of the show is brought to you by Beer.

CVA Interactive Corner (From there you can access YouTube and Pyro.TV to watch this video as well. And dont' forget to check out the ever-growing Facebook group, Fans of Christus Vincit ANYWHERE!)

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