Saturday, October 11, 2008


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Pride of place and high esteem - two expressions from the Constitution on Sacred Liturgy Sacrosanctam Concilium - is our feature topic for today. What about these two expressions? Listen and learn!
Feasts for the Month: October 2008. For more information, check out the New Advent Website.

CVA Semi-Live on I-195: OH NO! Shamus has his license back! Check out his antics while he plays the music we did on September 21, the Nineteenth Sunday after Pentecost.

1. Let All Mortal Flesh Keep Silence (tune: Picardy);
2. Verbum Supernum Prodiens (Chant, Mode VIII);
3. Magnificat (Psalm Tone 8G, simple tone);
4. Now Thank We All Our God (tune: Nun Danket);
5. Hail Mary, by Johnny Proctor, courtesy of Soundclick.

Christus Vincit Sports: Snarktober Edition 2008, courtesy of Caribou Barbie.
News at the Door from the Schwan's Schnark: In this inaugural clip, the Schwan's Schnark promotes meal kits, plus a cool ice cream just right for the Fall season.
Also, a contest in honor of our forthcoming 150th episode. LISTEN AND WIN!
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