Saturday, January 2, 2010

iSNARK! 155

Listen below, or download here. (26:49/24.5 MB)

More on the 2010 Music Issue's issues (hymns #372-457 to be exact), and, in a special presentation of Liturgy 911 (encore from CVA #61 - yeah, the OLD show!), Papa Joe Ratzi and Frank A. Rinze have been hired to pursue the Clorox Martini Lady. We then follow with the origin of the Clorox Martini.  We also have something new: a couple of iSNARK! Fun Facts!
We begin with a brief ditty by the Three Snarks.
Basso Profundo, the Singing Fish croons the Mode I chant setting of Ave Maria.
Don't Do This at Church

Bubble rocks out with Christmas Time in Mars, courtesy of Music Alley.
One of These Things Is Not Like the Others: Organs and Instruments Other Than Organs.
Closing notes include: Hire a snark!

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