Sunday, February 5, 2006


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Today we discuss an article from the October 2002 Issue of RITE Magazine, covering the difference between disposables (at left) and permanent hymnals (at right), and we talk about my reply to their request for feedback. The author of the RITE article is Brian Carmody, assistant director of worship and liturgy for the Archdiocese of Detroit.
We also run through the music we did at Mass for the Fifth Sunday of Ordinary Time, and I even play a new hymn tune for you that I wrote just a couple of weeks ago. I haven't given it a name yet, but it's intended for texts written in the 76 76 D poetic meter.

Commercials: Theosis, iPadre, Disciples with Microphones
Parody Time: We have some hymn parodies, brought to you by Liturgy for Ignoramuses.

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Lyn F. said...

Just got a chance to listen to this now. (Laptop was in the shop for the past month, and boo hoo, they couldn't figure out how to repair it. But that's another story.)

Just wanted to know - since you mentioned it in this podcast, how is the smoking cessation coming along for you and your wife? I hope it's going well for you.