Sunday, April 9, 2006


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The conclusion of The Christus Vincit White List, using the 2006 Breaking Bread by Oregon Catholic Press.

To begin, I bellow out Hosanna Filio David from the other end of the parlor for Palm Sunday, as well as reveal its translation.
We also run down our music for Palm Sunday at Holy Ghost Church.

NEW FEATURE!!! Christus Vincit Sports! Bloggers and podcasters (and spouses) are baseball fans, too! I'm no exception. So, here are some favorite (and least favorite) teams of Christus Vincit - the BLOG!, Improvised, The Cafeteria Is Closed (blog link), and Idle Mendacity.

Of us snarks at Christus Vincit - the BLOG!, Nick is a Philadelphia Phillies fan, I support two teams - the Red Sox, and whoever beats the Yankees, and my wife Ann likes the Toronto Blue Jays. Dave Pawlak at Improvised likes the Milwaukee Brewers (who were undefeated as this episode was being recorded). Gerald Augustinus at The Cafeteria Is Closed is a fan of both the San Diego Padres and the Boston Red Sox, and he's about as anti-Barry Bonds as I am anti-Gary Sheffield. I could get dope-slapped by Jack Bennett at Idle Mendacity, as he is a New York Yankees fan.

Commercials: The Cafeteria Is Closed Podcast, iPadre, Disciples with Microphones
Music: The Journey by Incidental Fusion, courtesy of the Podsafe Music Network
The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly: Vessels that Contain the Precious Blood edition, brought to you by The Church of Our Lady of the Perpetually OK

Don't forget to vote for us at Podcast Alley. I may have a new jingle up soon. For now, we still have our good friend Shamus O'Reilly to sing his jingle for us. He'll be back next week, by the way. He's been away training monkeys how to hold cue cards.

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