Sunday, April 23, 2006


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Here we chat about hymns that are actually part of larger hymns (e.g., Tantum Ergo is the tail end of Pange Lingua). We also mention multiple names of the Sunday in the Easter Octave (e.g., Divine Mercy Sunday - image pictured left), and Shamus starts the "Low Sunday Limbo". Can you say, "Shamus go BOOM?!"

Music List: Second Sunday of Easter

1. Ye Sons and Daughters (Mode II), sung by Holy Ghost Choir
2. Ex Cathedra by Alan Renkl, courtesy of Podsafe

Commercials: Divine Mercy Podcast, iPadre

The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly: California Dreamin' Edition, brought to you by the Reform of the Reform
Christus Vincit Sports: BISHOPS IN SPORTS! Here we mention a Blog article from Christus Vincit for Bishops and Major League Baseball, NFL, NHL, and NBA, and a Blog article from Catholic Mom for Bishops and Major League Soccer. We also shout out the Baseball Scores from Saturday.

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