Monday, September 4, 2006


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More tweaking with the new mic.Today we expand our wish list, which takes us through the J, K, L, and M sections of the OCP search engines, expanding our list of songs from those search engines that we wish would appear in the Music Issue. (Jesus, Thou Divine Companion is on this list, folks!) New intro, and Labor Day!
Feasts for the week:
September 4-9
Music List: Twenty-Second Sunday of Ordinary Time

1. Jesus, Thou Divine Companion and 2. Sing of Mary, Pure and Lowly (a cappella/tune of both: Pleading Savior)
3. I Sing the Mighty Pow'r of God (with organ to the tune Ellacombe)
4. Hail Mary, by Johnny Proctor, brought to you by Podsafe (If you like the harmonies of the Beach Boys, you'll LOVE the harmonies of Johnny Proctor!)
Top Ten Least Popular Traffic Tie-Ups, brought to you by Papal Bull Malt Liquor


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