Monday, September 18, 2006


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We discuss the Psalms of Peres Joseph Gelineau, SJ (left), and Lucien Deiss, C.S.Sp. (right). Click if you would like to enlarge!
Introduction and the evolution of Faith of our Fathers
Feasts for the Week: September 19-23
Music List: Twenty-Fourth Sunday of Ordinary Time

1. Faith of Our Fathers (tune: St. Catherine)
2. Our Blessing Cup (written by yours truly)
3. Triumph by Mark Heimonen, courtesy of the Podsafe Music Network

The DaVinci Cast, iPadre Podcast / Videocast, Disciples with Microphones

Shamus, the Christus Vincit Weatherman returns!
Top Ten List: Top Ten Signs You're at a Bad Mass (Encore from Podcast #7 from 1/14/2006), brought to you by Tith-O-Matic.
Last things (Blog mentioned: The Cafeteria Is Closed), featuring Faith of Our Relatives

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