Monday, November 13, 2006


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Today we celebrate the "double-nickels". As a special feature, we explore certain worship aids and discover which piece of music in each is "number 55" in each of them.
We also played catch-up on our Wish List, where we seek out the really good titles in the Oregon Catholic Press search engine that should be (but are not) in the Music Issue or Missal Programs. Today's list: 33 songs. Total running count after today: 235 songs.
Feasts for the Week: November 13-18
Music List for Holy Mass: Thirty-Second Sunday of Ordinary Time

1. Praise to the Lord, the Almighty (tune: Lobe den Herren);
2. The Apostles' Creed, by Paul Lisney, brought to you by the Podsafe Music Network

Bible in a Year Podcast, iPadre Podcast and Videocast, Disciples with Microphones

Shamus wreckovates Louis Lambillotte's Panis Angelicus in Shamus' Adventures in Classical Latin, brought to you by Orange County Mass Chopper-Uppers.

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