Monday, March 29, 2010

iSNARK! 163

Listen below, or download here. (39:24/36.0 MB)

Here we conclude our rant on the Breaking Bread seasonal music section, thus concluding also our rant on the entire Today's Missal/Music Issue series for 2010. We also talk about how many hymn tunes may be interchangeable, but not all interchanging of hymn tunes are good.  Also, we're still getting lots of rain here!
Feasts for the Week: March 29-April 11.
Commercials:  The usual three "official products", scattered about the program!
Don't Do This at Church: three instances, scattered, all with a Do This Instead added to it!

Basso Profundo, the Singing Fish croons Ave Verum by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly: Easter Musicin Triple Meter Edition
Johnny Proctor (link is to his Soundclick site) sings The Lord Reigns, courtesy of Music Alley.
Hire a snark! and other closing notes

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