Saturday, March 20, 2010

iSNARK! 162

Listen below, or download here. (31:41/29.0 MB)

Today we begin a two-part exploration of the 2010 Breaking Bread seasonal music.  We begin with selections numbered 1-110.  Also, Water Sucks (pictured left, from The Waterboy), and a killer concert that I attended, brought to you by Vestmints
Feasts for the Week:  March 22-28. 
Commercials (scattered throughout the show): Krakowska Kielbasa, König Ludwig Weissbier, and Christus Vincit Whitewash
iSNARK! Fun Facts: two of them scattered!

Top Ten Least Popular Ways to Start Holy Thursday Mass (from the Home Office in Plainville, MA)
2010 Breaking Bread Seasonal Music: numbers 1-110
Sinfonia Electronique performs The Organ Grinder's Lament, courtesy of Music Alley.
Hire a snark! and other closing notes

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