Monday, May 2, 2011

iSNARK! 167

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Back like the prodigal son! And I have a new job - a REAL job for once! Listen and learn about my hiatus, and where I now am, as well as some of our First Friday and Holy Week music! I'm having a GREAT TIME - so great that we even sound the alarm! 
Annuntio Vobis Gaudium Magnum, with snippets of O Sacred Heart, O Love Divine, and Shamus O'Reilly tries to guess where I'm working!
Feasts for the Week: May 1-14. 
Don't Do This at Church (two instances, both scattered, one of which includes a special "Thank You")

Commercial jingles for our three official products are scattered throughout the show!
An article on (get this!) How to Write a Hymn
Random Thought (NEW!)

1. All Glory, Laud, and Honor (tune: St. Theodulph)
2. Adoramus Te, Christe (written by Theodore Dubois)
3. The Palms (Jean-Baptiste Faure)
4. Kyrie from Messa "Laus Tibi Christe" (Federico Caudana)
5. Parce, Domine (written by Carlo Rossini); 6. To Jesus' Heart, All-Burning (Traditional)
7. Charlie Crowe rocks out with Joy, courtesy of Music Alley

Hymnody in Inflationary Language, brought to you by the Low Sunday Limbo. Shamus O'Reilly returns to inflate Ye Sons and Daughters.
Additional links: Christus Vincit Music; Musica Sacra

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