Wednesday, May 11, 2011

iSNARK! 168

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We just couldn't get enough music in on our last episode. After all, we broke an hour last time around by just 20 seconds. Today we managed to get our Easter music in (and then some) in just short of 50 minutes.
iSNARK! Traffic Report, and Shamus O'Reilly offers a ride! (Seat belts and crash helmet in place)
Feasts for the Week: May 15-28.
Don't Do This at Church
Commercials for our usual fictitious sponsors (scattered within the show)

Random Thought
Basso Profundo, the Singing Fish returns and masters the Mode VI Regina Caeli
Shamus gets a Fraternal Correction by Fr. Jud McFry (related link: Catholic Light)
More Fun at Sacred Heart: Alarmed on First Friday, Carillon parrots brass, and a shout-out to Blessed Pope John Paul II!!!
Top Ten Reasons iSNARK! Had to Resume Production when it Did, brought to you by Cardboard, and from the home office located just six feet from the George Foreman Grill.

1. O Sacred Heart, O Live Divine (traditional); 2. The Day of Resurrection (tune: Ellacombe)
3. That Easter Day with Joy Was Bright (tune: Puer Nobis)
4., 5. Sanctus and Agnus Dei from Messa 'Cristo Risuciti' (written by Luigi Picchi)
6. Adoro Te, O Panis Caelice (traditional)
7. O Sacrum Convivium (written by Roberto Remondi);
8. Jesus Christ Is Ris'n Today (tune: Easter Hymn);
9. Alleluia from O Filii et Filiae, with verse sung to Psalm Tone 2D (arranged by yours truly, and can be downloaded from Christus Vincit Music)
10. To Jesus' Heart, All-Burning (traditional / final refrain only)
11. Johnny Proctor does a very Beach Boy-like Hail Mary, courtesy of Soundclick.

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