Wednesday, September 7, 2011

iSNARK! 177

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For the second show in a row, we managed to keep it less than 45 minutes, and for the third show in a row, we managed to keep it under an hour! VERDAMDT! ICH BIN GUT! :)
This is our third and final segment on the changes in the translation of Holy Mass - from the Sanctus to the end.  Also:  Leave my TV programming alone!  (a rant on today's TV shows).
Feasts for the Week: September 11-17, and the Jungle Screechers return from a vacation at Lake Titicaca.
Don't Do This at Church: two installments, scattered
The three usual commercials, scattered

In What We Have Done, and in What We're Going to Do: Music we did for the Twenty-Third Sunday of Ordinary Time and First Friday, as well as a preview of music for the Twenty-Fourth Sunday of Ordinary Time.
Shamus' Adventures in Anglican Latin (new feature): Shamus O'Reilly tries his hand at reading the Ubi Caritas in "Anglican Latin" - you'll love our explanation of what "Anglican Latin" is. Brought to you by Blender. Related Link: The Prince and the Composer, Part 1 (Prince Charles on Charles Hubert Hastings Parry)
Miscellaneous Outburst

1-4. Roman Missal chants (1. Sanctus; 2. We Proclaim Your Death, O Lord; 3. Amen/adapted from Sanctus VIII; 4. Agnus Dei - all from the Roman Missal 2010 except the Amen)
5. Ubi Caritas (Chant, Mode VI)
6. Laetentur Caeli (excerpt) (written by yours truly and Giovanni Gastoldi)
7. Sinfonia Electronique performs The Organ Grinder's Lament, courtesy of Music Alley
Additional link: Catholic Light

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