Tuesday, September 27, 2011


Watch below, or download here. (13:11/149.0 MB)

Psalm 151, a major pet project of mine, is getting a major overhaul. Learn about it in this video.
Also, Shamus O'Reilly and I get talking about, of all things, drunk driving.
Music: Lord, Make Us Turn to You (in snippets/written by yours truly)
Commercial: K├Ânig Ludwig Weissbier

Christus Vincit Music; Corpus Christi Watershed liturgy pages
Chabanel Psalm Project (You'll find Sam Schmitt's Psalm settings here, which I mention, as well as some of my own settings, in its previous version. I will leave those older versions available there.)

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rhapsody said...

Brian -

This is O/T:

Would you look over and consider sending the automatic email (top right corner) to your Congress people? It is the "Support Respect for Rights of Conscience Act":


I just received it from a friend, and it is due today, so if you can (and you pass it along) it would be a great service.

Thank you for your time and consideration, and God bless.