Monday, October 3, 2011


You can watch below, or save the file by clicking here. (12:32/109.0 MB)

We open our video with some tips on organ registration for the new and improved Psalm settings in my pet project, dubbed Psalm 151Then we present a top ten list: Top Ten Least Popular Titles for New Mass Settings, brought to you by Who Gives a Damn?, and coming from the home office in Doggie Bag, Rhode Island (pictured left).
We then keep our word by presenting the Magnificat (which alternates between Psalm Tone 8G and polyphony by Ciro Grassi), as sung by the Trio of Sacred Heart Church, led and accompanied by yours truly.
Finally, we play a new promo for Catholic Lost 45's, which will come up on our next "radio" cast.

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rhapsody said...

5***** music!

I could listen to those angelic singers all day. Bravo!

Brian Michael Page said...

Thanks so much Rhapsody.