Sunday, March 26, 2006


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Well, I had all the intentions of having our choir's rendition of Mozart's Ave Verum played on this episode. However, using a new recorder, as well as the choir did, the recording itself was trash. It was nothing but noise, doing the choir's excellent work absolutely no justice. I apologize for the inconvenience.

Today we continue with our White List, using the disposable hymnal Breaking Bread from OCP.

Music list for IV Lent (Laetare Sunday)
News from the Blogosphere (as reported by Fr. Jud McFry and Shamus O'Reilly)
Commercials: Catholic Rockers, iPadre
New Parody Product:
Musicam Catholicam APEX (Music for the APEX Catholic)

Music: Had a Plan, Had to Change It, by Derek K. Miller, courtesy of the Podsafe Music Network (I stole this cue from the iPadre, his 11th episode, for reasons stated at the top of these here show notes)
Top Ten Least Popular Musical Instruments Used at Mass (besides the guitar), brought to you by Jesuits Gone Wild

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Sunday, March 19, 2006


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Shamus O'Reilly (police sketch at left) is hung over from last Friday's festivities. So, my sidekick in a pinch is another technological character, Fr. Jud McFry. I found his voice to be a cross between Chef (from South Park), Snagglepuss, and Don Pardo, and maybe even a touch of David Brinkley, all in one crazy package. Oh, and I think you'll just enjoy rocking out to our new intro. We also continue our White List, using Breaking Bread from OCP

Music List: Third Sunday of Lent
Commercials: iPadre, Catholic: Under the Hood

1.Be Thou My Vision (tune: Slane), performed by Fugli, courtesy of Podsafe
2. Organ variations on Saint Patrick's Breastplate played by yours truly on the organ at Holy Ghost Church

The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly: Twin Cities Music Edition, brought to you by FIAT, the official automobile of the Blessed Virgin Mary

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Sunday, March 12, 2006


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TWENTY SHOWS ALREADY, and going strong!

The Christus Vincit Leprechaun now has a name - Shamus O'Reilly. Today he helps me deliver the News from the Blogosphere. Also, we go over this weekend's music as performed at Holy Ghost Church.
We also continue our series, The Christus Vincit White List, while listing the Music Issue portion of the Breaking Bread hymnal by OCP.

1. 'Tis Good, Lord, to Be Here (tune: Swabia)
2. Chilled by Marco Raaphorst, courtesy of Podsafe.

Commercials: Christus Vincit - The Blog, iPadre, Disciples with Microphones
Top Ten List: Top Ten Reasons I Am an Amateur Catholic, courtesy of the B-Team.

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Sunday, March 5, 2006


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We continue "White Listing" the good selections found in Breaking Bread, by Oregon Catholic Press.  We also point out the events to take place at Holy Ghost during Lent, as well as some of the latest articles on CHRISTUS VINCIT - the Blog.

Music Lists: Ash Wednesday and the First Sunday of Lent.
The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly: Ashes edition, courtesy of the Ash-O-Matic 5000.

Like episode #17, we have music a-plenty from Mass:
1. O God, Our Help in Ages Past (tune: St. Anne)
2. Praise to You, Lord, Jesus Christ (Tone 2)
3. Shepherd of Souls, Refresh and Bless (tune: St. Agnes)
4. Sanctus and 5. Agnus Dei (Mass XVIII); 6. Attende, Domine (Mode V)

- Catholic Mormon Podcast; iPadre (he has a new episode out, btw; check it out!)
- Disciples with Microphones

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