Thursday, April 22, 2010

iSNARK! 165

Llisten below, or download here. (44:23/40.6 MB)

Continuing on OCP's JourneysongS hymnal (300's and 400's), we point out specific hymns in the book that appear in an OCP hymnal for the first time, or at least have been improved upon from previous versions.  Also, Step away from the MIDI! - a musical sin of most modern organ builders, specifically digital organ builders.

Feasts for the Week:  April 19-25.
Commercials for the usuals
Miscellaneous Outburst (same one twice, oh well!)
iSNARK! Semi-Live (on a prayer!) on US-6 features none other than Shamus O'Reilly behind the wheel again! I covered the Third Sunday of Easter at Holy Cross Church in Providence, Rhode Island, and we will discuss the music we sang there.

1. The Strife Is O'er, the Battle Done (tune: Victory)
2. Alleluia! Sing to Jesus! (tune: Hyfrydol)
3. Sing with All the Saints in Glory (tune: Hymn to Joy)
4. Charlie Crowe rocks out with Joy, courtesy of Music Alley
5. The Prince of Denmark's March (written by Jeremiah Clarke)

Don't Do This at Church (or anywhere else for that matter!)
The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly: JourneysongS Song Debut Edition
Closing notes, including Hire a Snark, and a "thank you dedication".

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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

iSNARK! 164

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On today's show, we think positive! That's right. We introduce OCP's best product, a hardbound hymnal called JourneysongS, Second Edition. You won't believe your eyes, if you haven't seen it yet!  Oh, and the iSNARK! has a new ride, and we also discuss Sequences.
Feasts for the Week: April 12-18.
Commercials scattered for our three "official products"
iSNARK! Fun Fact

iSNARK! Semi-Live in a FedEx Ground Truck: Covering the music I played on Divine Mercy Sunday at Holy Cross Church, Providence, RI, while driving on I-295 en route to the first stop of my daily FedEx Ground route. And guess what word we got to sing: GIBBET! Originally mentioned on The Shamus O'Reilly Show and Fr. Erik Richtsteig's Orthometer blog.

1. Alleluia! Alleluia! Let the Holy Anthem Rise (tune: Holy Anthem)
2. O Sons and Daughters (Chant, Mode II) (Two additional versions of O Filii et Filiae are sung: Early in the show, crooned by Basso Profundo, the Singing Fish, and later in the show, wreckovated by Shamus O'Reilly in Shamus' Adventures in Classical Latin.)
3. Jesus Christ Is Ris'n Today (tune: Easter Hymn)
4. University Glee Club of New Haven (New Haven, Connecticut) sings O Sacrum Convivium by Ludovico Viadana, courtesy of The Classic Cat.

Don't Do This at Church: with a little help from Rich Chonak of the Catholic Light blog.
Hire a snark! and other closing notes

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