Tuesday, December 29, 2009

iSNARK! 154

Listen below, or download here. (35:23/32.4 MB)

We're back, and under a new moniker:

We've kept much of the same and added some new stuff. Shamus O'Reilly has returned (albiet crocked), as did Fr. Jud Fry (albeit sober). Very soon, we'll be bringing back our Liturgy 911 friends Papa Joe Ratzi and Frank A. Rinze, as well as new Top Ten lists, and many more.  We've also added a new voice to the mix, Basso Profundo, the Singing Fish ("Basso" rhymes with "Lasso"; after all, he IS a fish). We even added a new segment to try out, called One of These Things Is Not Like the Others, where you can try to figure out which one is about as misfit as a Charlie in the Box.
In our "debut" episode, we  reveal the 2010 OCP Music Issue's Issues (hymns numbered 301-371), a really bad Don Pardo imitator attempts to do our new Intro, yours truly confesses to Fr. Jud McFry about my whereabouts, and Shamus gets "pre-smashed" before the New Year's Eve party and gives a shout out to one of our listeners.
The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly: Exsultets with Bad Bongos Edition (Red Sox Cap Tip to Rich at Catholic Light), brought to you by Poncho Ladies Invade Santa Barbara (a commercial for it follows this clip).
Basso Profundo, the Singing Fish croons Of the Father's Love Begotten.
Charlie Crowe performs his own Christmas tune, The Little Drummer Dude, courtesy of Music Alley (formerly the Podsafe Music Network).
One of These Things Is Not Like the Others: Christmas Edition. Can you find the misfits?
Don't Do This at Church: The Mass Is Ended
Additional Link: Fans of the iSNARK (formerly Fans of Christus Vincit ANYWHERE!)

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Odeo, Podcasting News, and other fun stuff to arrive soon! Please be patient!